LGBT Healthcare: Present and Future

Despite advances in equality and innovations in healthcare, the LGBT community continues to face challenges. Innovations in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, reform of government programs, and confronting obstacles to care can all light the way to a more promising tomorrow.

PrEP: A White Paper by the Liberty Education Forum

Research into Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) medication have opened up the possibility of preventing the contraction of HIV in healthy individuals. Could advances in this sphere hold the key to eradicating HIV altogether?

340B Reform: A White Paper by the Liberty Education Forum

One of the more controversial components of healthcare for LGBT individuals in the United States is the 340-B program. When used properly, it provides lifesaving resources to those most in need; but its abuse could lead to a fiscal crisis. How can the 340-B program be reformed and improved?

National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2020

Getting tested and into treatment is the most important way to control and combat HIV, but continuance of care is critical. Keeping HIV-positive individuals adherent to their prescribed regimen remains a hurdle to many. How can we improve the numbers to ensure HIV-positive people live long and rewarding lives?

HIV At Its Crossroads

There is more to be done in order to combat the global scourge of HIV/AIDS, but future treatment and the potential for a cure can only be achieved by remembering the lessons of the past. After outlining the historic advances over the course of the past 20 years, the authors suggest a path forward to end HIV/AIDS in our lifetimes.